Chase For Adventure: The Lost City

Chase For Adventure: The Lost City 4.7

Time-management game where you play an archaeologist in search of her father
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If archaeology is your thing, Chase for Adventure - The Lost City offers you an easy-to-play and intuitive game where you play Anna Windsdoe, an archaeologist in search of her missing father and the mission he left unfinished. Built up on different levels, this resource and time management adventure game requires you to accomplish various goals on each level by stocking up various resources.

The various levels take place in the same scenario – a base camp full of resources and obstacles. The gameplay itself is terribly easy – just click on the various obstacles to remove them (chopped-down trees, stones, etc.) to reach the piles of food, buckets of water, and other resources. You count with the help of a single worker to do the entire job, so you will need to move to the next levels quickly to be able to hire more staff.

The game has three play modes – a relaxed mode with no time constraints (useful to get the hang of the game, especially for first-timers), a normal mode, and a professional mode. The mechanics of the game don’t seem to vary much from level to level or from mode to mode – it only gets more hectic. The game is all about clicking quickly on the various obstacles and resources. Upgrading your camp is essential to progress in the game, as the more workers you have at your service, the more resources you’ll be able to grab and the easier it’ll be for your staff to accomplish the tasks in the given time. You’ll be given power-ups as you get to the next levels.

The graphics are nice, though nothing extraordinary. The setting gets a bit repetitive after a few levels, as well as the game itself, even though the tasks vary on every level. Managing your time is the biggest challenge you’ll have to face in this entertaining game suitable for all.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive game
  • Clear instructions
  • Nice graphics


  • The action and the setting are a bit repetitive
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